Las Vegas:

Las Vegas, is one of the most stable data center Disaster Recovery / Backup environment in the country.


Disaster Adverse:

Las Vegas, location is designated as a disaster free zone.



“Clean” redundant, and plentiful, 91% of Southern Nevada’s power is derived from Natural Gas / Geothermal.



Las Vegas, has over 275,000 miles of fiber, second largest knot in the country.


Global Data Delivery:

Las Vegas, is an equal distance from the Pacific Rim as well as the Atlantic Rim, thus significantly reducing latencies.


Business Friendly:

Nevada’s business environment is, and has a deep tradition of being aggressively business friendly.



Easily accessible from most airports throughout the world, and less than an hour from most locations in the South West, USA. Our Data Center is less than 10 minutes from an International Airport.



Southern Nevada has become one of the most desirable, Dedicated / Colocation destinations in the country in recent years.